Why Do We Love Japan?

If you want a short answer to that question, perhaps the better question might be —

Why do we NOT love Japan?

Because, what is not to love?

Whether it’s because the Japanese culture grew on us as we were exposed to pieces of it during our childhood or because we had a conscious interest in its  cool-ture from very early on, our fondness for it is one that somehow latched on strongly and has not let go since. Just like a best friend from childhood, our relationship with Japanese culture began with general interests that grew and evolved into a powerful and lasting connection that is distinctly our own.

That is why here at JapanLover.me, you’ll quickly see that there are many, many different kinds of JapanLovers. Some may love it for its fun and quirky fashion styles, while some might enjoy it for its original stories and varied characters, and even some others that might be in-love with its beautiful traditions and rich history.

Regardless of our different roots and origins, what matters most is not the different niche interests that exist among JapanLovers, but the strong connection and love of Japanese cool-ture, the tree that stands tall and unites us all together. And just like a tree, JapanLove is one that will stand the test of time and extend its branches to succeeding generations, the JapanLovers that will emerge in the many years to come.

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