10 Things to do when in Okinawa


It’s super cold in Japan right now, but Okinawa is one of the warmest places in the country! These are the 10 of the many things you can do in Okinawa:

  1. Watch humpback whales during their winter migration in Zamami Island. (The whales prefer the warmer waters of Okinawa!)
  2. Visit Ryukyu Mura (a traditional and cultural theme park)
  3. Eat purple sweet potato
  4. Eat “takoraisu” or taco rice~ An okinawan specialty!
  5. Eat sata andagi (okinawan doughnut balls)
  6. Visit Cape Manzamo (popular scenic rock formation overlooking the ocean)
  7. Visit Shuri Castle
  8. Shop at Kokusai Street (popular dining and shopping area)
  9. Go diving or snorkeling at Cape Maeda (one of the best diving spots in Okinawa)
  10. See the “Love Rocks” in Kouri Island (also known as “Love Island”) during sunset. <3

Artwork by: ChiChi Little Miss Paintbrush​ <3

Special thanks to our list contributors:
Jannah Elizabeth Horvath, Emily Lussier

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