Who We Are

JapanLover.me is created and managed by a team of dedicated Japanophiles: Kaila, Chichi and Mishie.

Despite being based in different parts of the world, the one chunky thread they share in common is —

their love and fascination for Japan.

Little Miss Paintbrush ★ Rainbowholic

MishieWishie ★

For all of them, JapanLover.me is a place where they can fully express and share their love for Japan to fellow JapanLovers all over the world. From Tokyo to Manila to New York, this site is created for JapanLovers by JapanLovers! They built this portal from the ground up, hand-crafted and managed with care and dedication. They wear many different hats in the creation and management of this site, yet still working hard to make sure that they give you, our fellow JapanLover, the best experience of Japan whether or not you have plans on visiting soon.

But JapanLover.me wouldn’t be what it is without our awesome contributors!

Friends and other dedicated JapanLovers frequently share their own love for Japan.

We encourage everyone that has something to share to contact us and let us help you tell your story!

If you would like to contribute your own piece of love, we would love to hear from you! :-)