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WOW! Only in Japan!

Only in Japan

 Have you ever seen something so weird, so out of this world – something so new to you, or even something that’s is extremely cute, cool, and/or amazing, and you say to yourself,”I bet this is from Japan!“?

As JapanLovers, we can all agree that Japan is a country of innovation and creativity! This overflowing Japanese creativity often leads to things that are just unbelievably awesome, and some are just totally new to our normal, everyday lives, and are often perceived as weird (and most of the time hilarious!) 。゚(TヮT)゚。

But this “Why not” attitude is one of the things we love most about Japan! (´∀`) As JapanLovers, we embrace this weirdness and quirkiness with all our heart, understanding, open-mindedness and a huge sense of art (and humor! :D)

So for two whole months (May and June), we shall celebrate Japanese creativity by sharing the things that make us say, “Wow…ONLY IN JAPAN!


We’d love for you to share your “Only in Japan” experiences and photos with us! Email us at www.japanlover.me@gmail.com for your suggestions and/or submissions/contributions!

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