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Incredible Latte Art by Japanese Artist Nowtoo

If any one word could describe a JapanLover, it would probably be “passionate.”


As with anything that we find enjoyable in life, it is passion that takes our interests into an entirely different level–even with things as potentially mundane like drinking coffee.

And for Sugi-san, that passion for the art of creating the perfect latte with the perfect matching art, brewed from a single cup of latte. Let us get to know him, this incredible latte artistOoO

nowtoo collage

1x1.trans Featured Otaku Japan Lover

A Simple Origin: Sugi-san and his espresso machine

My name is Sugi. I live with my family in Japan.  /^_^/

nowtoo gift art-wm

I create my latte art with an espresso machine that I acquired March of last year.

It started out as a hobby I spent my time with at home.  n_n

I don’t go to fancy cafes or coffee houses and I like to make my own.

It started when I saw a few latte art videos on YouTube. Seeing other latte artists creating these works of art made me want to try my own hand at it.

And much of what I can do now, I learned through trial and error.



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Konnichiwa, mina-sama~

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