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We all know that Japan is known for it’s really unique Geeky-cool items that you won’t find anywhere else in the world– but you don’t have to be in Japan or know Japanese to get hold of your favorites!  *_*

JapanLover.me has created this comprehensive set of web listings for anyone who wants to make a purchase of their favorite Japanese goods!

You don’t need to enter anything in Japanese, because we’ve done it all for you~

Just browse and shop to your heart’s content ..and make sure you read our disclaimer before making a purchase!  o_o

1x1.trans Otaku Web Directory

Anime and Manga 

An enormous collection of merchandise for the anime and mangaholic! Everything from Astroboy, ONEPIECE, Sailormoon–you name it!


Everything you’ll ever need for your perfect cosplay! Plus, some moe-moe-kyun cosplay suggestions and character recommendations.

Japanese Idols 

Are you a fanboy or a fangirl? Regardless, we all want to support our favorite idols! Pick up some akiba-kei idol goods and collectibles, like photobooks and calendars! Let your idols feel your love.

Japanese Popular Music 

Tune in to Jpop, Jrock and funky-cool music you will find yourself playing over and over again.

TV and Film 

Japanese films, live action and doramas to transport you and fill you up with feels!


There are so many different toys available to satisfy any collector! Whether you’re into anime figures, figma toys, MEDICOM TOY collectibles, OriginalFake or vinyl art, just look around here to find your favorites!

Video Games 

Video games are always coming out left and right! And, of course, you don’t want to be a n00b when it comes to the latest releases! Find your favorite game titles and consoles here and conquer every game adventure there is out there!

1x1.trans Otaku Web Directory