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Akihabara, Tokyo Photo Stroll

To many people around the world, Japan is known as the most technologically advanced country. And whether or not you are familiar with the otaku culture of Japan, you would still be familiar with Akihabara, the go-to place for all technology and electronics in the entire country.  *_*

Akihabara Electric Town @ Tokyo, Japan

It’s no wonder that Akihabara is also known as Electric Town. It is even recognized as the center for global electronics technology and trade. But to the people that are familiar with Japanese culture (aka JapanLovers) Akihabara is known as the mecca for Otaku Culturen_n


Akihabara is the first place many anime and manga fans worldwide dream of visiting in Japan. Any die-hard fan and collector of anime, manga, retro and contemporary video games, figurines or toys is sure to be overwhelmed and overjoyed upon seeing the many shops and cafes that cater to their fandom.

One of the first stops many people go to is Yodobashi Camera, a building-full of electronics. It’s considered by many as the best, one-stop shop for all kinds of electronics: computers, cameras, and games. Photography enthusiasts will definitely want to stop by; Yodobashi Camera, as the name suggests, is known for having all kinds of photography merchandise including models and accessories for all major camera brands. As for OtakuLovers, Yodabashi also has some great items for them, including Mecha Kits for fans of the Gundam series, toy and figurine models for collectors, and game consoles and cartridges for video gamers!


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