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Featured Otaku JapanLover: Jin Joson (Cosplayer and Visual Artist)

Undoubtedly one of the most recognized faces in the Philippine (and global) cosplaying scene is Jin Joson. With almost 9.5 million page views on her DeviantArt profile where all of her cosplay photos and journals are kept, along with thousands of followers on Facebook, Jin’s passion for anime, manga and all things Japanese are undeniable. n_n

But despite her, surely, busy schedule..

we were able to talk to Jin and get to know our fellow JapanLover!  @.@

Time for Introductions! Let’s Meet Jin Joson.

Hi, I’m Jin! That’s my real name, and you’re welcome to call me by it. I’m not one for formalities!

Jin Joson

I’m an all-around visual artist. I wish I had a better name for it! My work projects include digital illustration, photography, graphic design, installation layouts and even traditional canvas painting.

I really enjoy food! I dislike waiting for food to be served. Hahaha!

 Jin’s JapanLover Origin Story

I think my first brush with traditional Japanese culture was in elementary. My teacher randomly picked me to represent Japan for United Nations Day. I learned about kimono and some dances. Apart from that, I think it really started with how I grew up watching anime!

From a young age, I was already very much into anime, and that led to me being exposed to other forms of visual art from Japan. My art is largely influenced by ukiyo-e, and I also greatly admire the works of Yoshitaka Amano and Takato Yamamoto.

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Ghibli Museum at Mitaka, Tokyo

Animation has made up a great part of Japan’s popular culture, and no one has contributed to Japan’s animation industry like Studio Ghibli. Having produced some of the best, animated films in the last few decades, Ghibli has used their imagination enough to inspire the creation of the Ghibli Museum at Mitaka, Tokyo.  #_#

Ghibli Museum at Mitaka, Tokyo Tickets to the Ghibli Museum are bought exclusively at Lawson Loppi. Without purchasing tickets at Lawson’s ATM-like machine, it is virtually impossible to enter the museum.


DSC_2233 Once you’ve purchased your museum tickets, you can also pick up round-trip bus tickets at the ticket machine at the JR Mitaka Station! From there, you can catch the special bus that caters exclusively to the Ghibli Museum visitors. And Ghibli fans will be amused with the quirky bus design! It’s the perfect vehicle to transport you into the whimsical world of Studio Ghibli.
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