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Be@rBrickaholic Ritchie

When it comes to JapanLovers, passion and love are at an all time high.  :heart:

With so many different hobbies and activities to fall in love with in Japan,

it is easy to get lost (and even crazy).

But with love and dedication comes the happiness that we all find so fulfilling.  :hearteyes:


Toy collecting can give that fulfillment. And no one knows it better than Ritchie,

otherwise known as (and rightfully so): Brickaholic.

Let’s get to know more of and share the Be@rbrick love with this Featured Otaku JapanLover!

The Brickaholic: A History

brickaholic gift art

I’m Ritchie from Hong Kong. Got the nickname ‘Brickaholic’ because of my passion for Be@rbricks. I have been collecting them for around 9 years. I’m the guy who likes to have a low profile but as you get to know me, you’ll know more about me. :)

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150k JapanLovers Celebration Giveaway

EDIT: The winners have been announced already! Thanks everyone for joining! ♥


Hello JapanLover!  :star:

What’s better than getting lost in your favorite manga or anime series?  Starting (or adding) to your fan collection with the prizes from 150k+ FB JapanLovers celebration giveaway!  /^_^/

(Oh by the way, you can also join other giveaways from Kawaii & Cool!)

Kawaii JapanLover.me Giveaway

The Otaku Japan Lover Me pack contains:

Official Goods from Evangelion Store Japan / Mugiwara Store,

“Akihabara” towel from Don Quijote, Limited edition Dragonball Z ramen & snacks,

Japanese snacks & chocolates & surprise gachapon~!  :hearteyes:

Easy Rafflecopter Giveaway

[Rafflecopter giveaway has ended. Thanks for joining!]

After completing the Rafflecopter requirements, kindly “share” & “like” this blog entry as shown below.  :hearteyes:


If applicable, please follow us on instagram, tumblr & pinterest too! Bonus points~  >_<

Giveaway will begin on July 4 and end on July 12, Japan Time.

Entries may be earned everyday. More entries, more chances of winning!  ;P

Winners will be chosen via Random.org.

Announcement of winners will be made a few days after. @.@

Good luck everyone & thanks for the JapanLove & support!

:heart: JapanLover.Me Team  :heart:

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