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Evangelion Store @ Harajuku, Tokyo

Get ready Evangelion fans! This one’s for you!


Whether or not you have ever seen the series, you might be familiar with the iconic characters of Evangelion. You might have seen a Rei Ayanami cosplayer, heard of it from your other Otaku JapanLover friends, or perhaps you just overheard some die-hard fans talking about it!  @.@

IMG_6351 Either because of curiosity or fandom, you’re going to want to step inside this awesome store!

IMG_6352 The first thing you’ll probably find interesting is while Evangelion has made its name as a popular anime series, you won’t find this store in Akihabara! It’s located in Harajuku!

IMG_6353 Upon entering the store, you’ll immediately feel as if you are in the series, like you have just entered part of Nerv HQ!

Evangelion Store @ Harajuku, Tokyo Disclaimer: Photos inside the shop are from Evangelion Store Website  n_n

1f_02_l 1f_03_l There is everything in this store that any Evangelion fan may want.

From books about the series to audio-visual material! Perhaps the complete DVD set?

1f_04_l 1f_05_l 1f_06_l

You can also have your choice of Eva-gear: shirts, hoodies, accessories galore!

This is where you will find the official merchandise! For the ota-cute JapanLovers, there is even a mobile suit dress available!  1f_main 2f_01_l

There are even stationaries, toys and figures that you can pick up to add to your collection.

And, if you have friends that are big fans of the series, they may really appreciate a souvenir from this store!

2f_02_l 2f_03_l 2f_04_l 2f_05_l 2f_06_l

Find out how to get to the Evangelion Store & the store’s floor guide, follow through to the links below!

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