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Otaku Japan Travel Guide

It is rare to find someone who has not at least heard of anime or played video games! Most of these popular series were created and developed in Japan. And dedicated enthusiasts know that Japan is every manga and toy hobbyist’s (aka otaku’s) paradise!  @.@

Whether you are a lover of anime, manga, toys or video games, Japan has many places to cater to every otaku’s dream! And JapanLover.Me’s Otaku Travel Guide will help you make sure you don’t miss any of these places!

Places in Tokyo

★ Akihabara: Tokyo’s Electric Town
:star: Photo Stroll in Akihabara
:star: Don Quijote (where to buy maid & cosplay costumes and the like)
:star: Popopure Maide Cafe in Akihabara

:star: Shibuya Mandarake (soon!)
:star: Ikebukuro Mandarake (soon!)
:star: Nakano Broadway Mandarake (soon!)
:star: Project 1/6 MEDICOM TOY shop (Shibuya)
:star: Medicom Toy Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi (soon!)
:star: Pokemon Hamamatsucho Center
:star: Evangelion Store Harajuku
:star: Kiddyland Harajuku
:star: Mugiwara ONE PIECE Store @ Shibuya Parco

Theme Cafe / Museum / Parks

:star: Ghibli Museum at Mitaka, Tokyo
:star: Gundam Cafe (Akihabara, Tokyo)
:star: Lifesize Gundam Mecha @ DiverCity Tokyo Plaza (Odaiba, Tokyo)
:star: Robot Restaurant (Shinjuku, Tokyo) (soon!)