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150k JapanLovers Celebration Giveaway

EDIT: The winners have been announced already! Thanks everyone for joining! ♥


Hello JapanLover!  :star:

What’s better than getting lost in your favorite manga or anime series?  Starting (or adding) to your fan collection with the prizes from 150k+ FB JapanLovers celebration giveaway!  /^_^/

(Oh by the way, you can also join other giveaways from Kawaii & Cool!)

Kawaii JapanLover.me Giveaway

The Otaku Japan Lover Me pack contains:

Official Goods from Evangelion Store Japan / Mugiwara Store,

“Akihabara” towel from Don Quijote, Limited edition Dragonball Z ramen & snacks,

Japanese snacks & chocolates & surprise gachapon~!  :hearteyes:

Easy Rafflecopter Giveaway

[Rafflecopter giveaway has ended. Thanks for joining!]

After completing the Rafflecopter requirements, kindly “share” & “like” this blog entry as shown below.  :hearteyes:


If applicable, please follow us on instagram, tumblr & pinterest too! Bonus points~  >_<

Giveaway will begin on July 4 and end on July 12, Japan Time.

Entries may be earned everyday. More entries, more chances of winning!  ;P

Winners will be chosen via Random.org.

Announcement of winners will be made a few days after. @.@

Good luck everyone & thanks for the JapanLove & support!

:heart: JapanLover.Me Team  :heart:

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  • Karina Valisia Davis

    super giveaway ^o^ hope i can win ♥

  • Chantel Sanchez

    Oh my that’s awesome!!!

  • Guest

    I hope I would be the winner! And the end of this raffle is on my birthday :))) ^^

  • Kawaii Cime

    Ohh pleaseeee! i need themmmmmm :). Good Luck to everyone!

  • Alicia Dominguez Gómez

    good luck everyone

  • http://twitter.com/kiritocchi Nanako Mitsuya

    I hope Lady Luck is on my side this time! > w <) /

  • Jett Kokushou

    Let me win Lady Luck, please. :Q

    • Vashti Crawford

      Who is this in the pic? :3

      • Akiyama Mitsuri

        Kirishima Kaito of Ano Natsu de Matteru

  • Vashti Crawford

    I hope I win! XD

  • Danielle F

    I would love to see more of what you guys love :3 and i would also love to see me win

  • HeyMoustache Hm

    meee please!

  • Akiyama Mitsuri

    I’ve been trying to tweet several times now but after clicking my points earned is still 4/5 T_T