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LA FEET: Shoes That Will Revolutionize How The World Walks

It was not long ago when the world, thanks for the prying eyes of progressive fashionistas, was awed by the presence of the split-toe shoes native to Japan called “Jika Tabi“. To the insatiable curiosity of the gazing foreigners, the shoes have come to be known in the mainstream as ninja or samurai shoes which the Japanese answers with a doubtful nod unsure whether this is the correct image that should be projected or just a fancy worth nothing to brag about.

The people who have frequented festivals, local gatherings and festivities would not miss these flippers as the default shoes worn by the performers or participants in such events because of its noted grip on the ground which is what is needed to match the aggressive movement of the wearer as the tension arises along with the mood of the celebration and procession. Later on, in another field, martial arts practicioners and bushido fans around the world assimilated the shoes as part of their natural get-up or uniform in practicing their respective disciplines. Soon after, avant-garde fashionistas then imbibed and unhesitatingly claimed them to the coolest thing next being a ninja or samurai or geisha for that matter. Fast forward, slowly and slowly over the recent years, it has gained ground and following among the high-society and progressive people who adore them as an exotic piece of footwear from the land of the noble samurais and cuddly hello kitties.

That is why, the Jika Tabi shoes, boots or sneakers enjoys popularity widely more and gets the rave outside Japan rather than in the local fashion scene. Maybe it is the effect of the phenomenon that one does not really appreciate things originally akin to oneself. But the foreigners who are awed by its presence are not wrong about it. It is just simply a cool invention, err re-invention, innovation, what else to say, that happened to originate in the land of the cool.

Japan Lover Me Store / Japonista Sole is challenging the way jika tabi has been looked upon and treated, we aim not just to make it a maniac-type of item, geared for the nerdy-geeks who know fashion and what is cool. We will be revolutionizing how it will become the favorite footwear that is both cool and functional.

With the collaboration and partnership with the brand “La Feet” and partnership with Okamoto Seiko, promoting the functionality and miracle benefits of the tabi-type shoes on the feet, we are hoping to share all over the world the good things about this footwear that is destined to save our feet.

La Feet is a brand that is aimed to cure the unhealthy effects of the modern shoes on the feet, thus, causing painful and ugly contortions called bunions or Hallux Valgus in scientific terms. Although it not officially being claimed to be so, the hundreds of testimonials that have been received from the wearers and patrons of the shoes locally in Japan, only proves that it really improves the balance and structural use of the feet. Many have said that their feet condition and bunion deformation have improved dramatically upon wearing the shoes and most even go far to saying that upon wearing this shoe, it is hard to go back and wear the normal closed type of shoes again, all the more proving the positive effects of wearing such a natural shoe that is feet-friendly.

It is believed that if this shoe put smiles back to at least more than 5,000+ people locally in Japan and still the numbers are going strong, delivering miracles results in the overall health balance of the wearer. The same is true for those people around the world who have not experienced the good thing about wearing a tabi shoes/sneaker.

Ideally, it is a great gift option to be given to your loved ones, parents, grandparents of people who are accustomed to wearing pointed, closedly-and-tightly-fit, heel-type shoes since it provides the necessary balance treatment or natural guidance on the feet condition.

Thus, called miracle shoes or anti-bunion preventive cure that enhances feet performance and overall health condition with the right treatment of the feet.

One has better try and find out the good news about this article by yourself and you shall heave a sigh of relief upon experiencing the different feel of walking naturally. You might just help yourself, by observing and feeling firsthand how the miracle is changing the lives of many people! : )

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