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Amazing Hatsune Miku & Danboard Toy Photography by Soo Hack

In the year or so that popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, has been around, it has come to be a gallery of everything eye-catching. A quick way to post photos that share your passion, it has also become a place for people to share their inner photographer. One of the people that has done this the best, and an OtakuLover at heart, is our Instaphotographer soo_hack#_#

Soo_hack is a popular instagram user with over 600 followers. His photos are whimsical and light-hearted, often featuring his vinyl figurine of Vocaloid Miku Hatsune and his other toy characters! Let’s get to know him better! And oh by the way, the interview below was translated from Japanese to English by our JapanLover contributor, Iidaさん!  o_o

Soo Hack's Instagram

@soo_hack who?

1. Who is “soo_hack”? Can you tell us something about yourself?

I like music, photography and Miku-san.


2. What does soo_hack mean? Where did you get your alias?

First of all, I am often said to look as white as a sheet. In Japanese, the condition is translated to the phrase “顔面蒼白” or Ganmen Sohaku. So, “soo_hack” is derived from “Sohaku.” People also say my face goes beyond just whiteness into a kind of blue.

And secondly, I like the colors white and blue. 蒼白(Sohaku) means “white as much as blue.” Besides, I almost always wear something that is a shade of blue.

Lastly, it’s something of a play on words. “Hack” came from an anime that I liked before, “「.hack」” and I combined these words together.


3. We are curious, why do you like Hatsune Miku and Danboard?

I like her songs. I can see massive potential in the genre of ” VOCALOID”, I feel that it is a new trend in the music arena. And Nendroid is unbelievably cute, like an angel.

As for Danboard, I like “Yotsuba&!” and Danboard is the reason why I love it so much. Another reason is that I can see various expressions depending on the angle you see Danboard.


4. How do you conceptualize for your pictures? Where do you get your inspiration? 

I take photos of what I am moved by and what kinds of thinks I “Like!”
I like walking while listening to my favorite music. So when I walk, I always look for a good place where I wish Miku and Danboard actually were. I like music, so it often gives me an idea and concept of a picture. And I often take pictures while having an image of the meaning of a song.


5. What cameras do you use?

At first I used only my iPhone. After I started to use Instagram, I got more interested in photography and at last I bought a digital single-lens reflex camera last year. I also use OM-D E-M5. I love the design.

But when I don’t have my cameras with me, I go back and use my iPhone.


6. When did you start your instagram account?

In December 2011, I posted my work in Instagram for the first time.
When I began to post, I did not have a clear reason for doing it, but I gradually got absorbed in doing it.


7. Who are your favorite instagram users who are into toy photography as well?  

There are so many users like that, so it’s difficult to select one. If I must choose, @tam_mako san is my favorite. His “soto miku” (outdoor photography of Miku) is superb! I was profoundly affected by him and got inspired to do “soto miku” photos as well.


8.Besides Miku and Danbo, what are toys are you fond of taking pictures as well?

I like taking photos of Kurisu Makise, who is a character in a game software called ”Steins Gate.” I like her personality and character, because she is so attractive and charming. “Steins Gate” also has a compelling storyline that I like so much.


9. Here’s an off-topic question. As a Japanese, what is the best thing that you love about Japan?

For me, it is the fact that there are four distinct seasons in Japan. I’d like to take pictures of all the beautiful scenery in each season.

IMG_8104 PB030499 PC080723 Amazing Hatsune Miku & Danboard Toy Photography by Soo Hack

You can see more of Soo_hacks amazing toy photography on his instagram account! And you can discover more of his work, along with other great toy photographers by searching the hashtag #vinyltoys, #toyphotography and the like on Instagram Search. ;P


Do you follow photographers on Instagram? If so, who is your favorite? Share them with us, and who knows, they might get featured here next!  n_n


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  • http://twitter.com/biancaarriola Bianca Arriola

    Kawaii~! I love danbo and also miku. Sohaku~ <3

    • japanloverme

      Kawaii desu ne ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/applered10 Gillian Galang

    kawaii miku chan pics~

  • http://twitter.com/maoshmao alyssa s.(*≧▽≦)

    wow, his shots are so awesome :3

  • http://twitter.com/SophiSushi Sophi ✿ ソフィア

    Interesting. Makes me love photography more. :D

  • Alexis

    Love @soo_hack’s photography <3

    He is an inspiration to me as a toy photographer http://www.facebook.com/lexyphotography