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Terms and Conditions ( Japan Lover Me’s Art )


It has come to our attention that many websites and pages have been reposting and using our graphics and posts without even properly crediting us, especially the people who worked hard for these graphics, i.e. the artist and researchers/contributors.

In response to this, we would like to make it clear that while we appreciate that many people like what we share, it troubles us that it has become a habit of some pages to not give credit where credit is due.

Our Creative Director and main illustrator/artist, Little Miss Paintbrush, has updated her Terms and Conditions about the use of her art. Since most, if not all, artworks from Japan Lover Me are done by her, we share these terms and conditions as to how our graphics should be properly credited. Please read here: http://littlemisspaintbrush.tumblr.com/rules

To summarize:
1. DO NOT use our graphics for commercial purposes.

2. DO properly credit us by mentioning us and the artist, and LINKING BACK to us and the artist.

For example:
[ Artwork by Chichi Romero (www.littlemisspaintbrush.tumblr.com / fb.com/littlemisspaintbrush)
Original post from Japan Lover Me (www.japanlover.me / fb.com/japanloverme) ]
For photo posts, use the same format but include the name/URL/account of the photographer. For example: Photo by: @rainbowholic
For posts where we specifically mention the researchers/writers, use the same format but include the name of the researcher/writer.

3. DO LINK BACK to the original post as well. Example: “https://www.facebook.com/JapanLoverMe/photos/a.242107582601268.1073741825.200386876773339/803643549780999

4. DO NOT remove our watermark/URL from our posts, EVER. Do not edit, alter, or crop our graphics.

All of our graphics are copyrighted and are protected by the law.

We believe that these terms are really not hard to follow at all, and by following it we will encourage creative people to share more freely and safely. We hope that you will understand and respect these terms, so we can continue to share worldwide Japan-love with you. 

SailorMoon Pop Up Store in Tokyo <3

Isetan Shinjuku x Sailormoon Pop up store now in Tokyo <3

Photos from Jenne Chrisville (www.instagram.com/gervintakestheworld)

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