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Welcome, Otaku JapanLover!

Hello Otaku JapanLoveru_u


Anime, manga, Japanese dramas and music have told us and shown us many different places and trivia about Japan! And because these interests have become a very big part of our lives, we definitely want to be part of that otaku culture further! There are many spots in Japan that will tickle your anime and manga-loving heart, and so JapanLover.Me has created our photo strolls, unique entries that will show and guide you through some of the best otaku hotspots in the land!

Let’s not forget: any Otaku JapanLover knows that one of the best things about our interest is finding other Otaku JapanLovers to fanboy/fangirl with (maybe even cosplay?) so let’s get to know our fellow, featured Otaku JapanLovers! Find out how they got into Japan and how they’re expressing their JapanLove!

Otaku Japan Lover

Before going anywhere else, check these out first!  @.@

Hope you have a great time around! Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about the brand new website by leaving some comments below~!


:heart: The JapanLover Team  :heart:


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