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Tokyo Disney Sea

You don’t need to be an ocean lover or a Disney to fully appreciate Tokyo Disney Sea. All you need is to be a child-at-heart and you will enjoy your visit for sure! And while most people make a bee-line for Disneyland (which is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary!), Tokyo Disney Sea is still a place worth visiting and is a unique and separate experience from its sister theme-park!  #_#

After you visit Disneyland, Disney Sea is the most logical place to visit next.  ;P


Trivia: Did you know? In 2012, the combined visitors of Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea drew 27.50 million visitors, the most of any theme park in Japan!


Before even purchasing a ticket, however, be a smart visitor and research which type of ticket will suit your visit best. You can, conveniently, reserve tickets online so that you don’t waste time standing in line at the ticket booth. Also know which kind of ticket you’d like to get beforehand. If you are the type that must try every single ride twice or visit every nook and cranny of the park, then getting the Fast Pass may be the better option so you can maximize your stay inside the park without any limits. You can also download the Access Map before going to Disney Sea so you can see which attractions you want to prioritize visiting before more visitors arrive. Speaking of arrivals, as with any tourist attraction, do come early. Lines are shorter and the park is less crowded so you can enjoy all of the attractions without bumping elbows with too many people.  @.@


The commute to Tokyo Disney Sea is not difficult at all! Simply take the train or bus to Maihama Station (aka. Tokyo Disney Resort) by following these instructions! Check which location you will be coming from so that it’s easy for you to navigate going to Disney Sea.



Sanrio Puroland (a.k.a. Hello Kitty Fans’ Paradise) at Tama New Town, Tokyo

Any Sanrio fan knows that Sanrio Puroland is the attraction and ultimate theme park to visit when they come to Japan!  n_n

It’s the place to satisfy your need for cuteness!

Sanrio Puroland at Tama New Town, Tokyo DSC_0247

We suggest that you wear your most kawaii coordinate to Sanrio Puroland! Wearing kawaii is one of the best ways to really enjoy your visit and feel the energizing, overflowing happy vibes of one of the most kawaii places on Earth~~  OoO


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