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Kawaii Lootsies!

This is the soft opening of our original Japan Lover Me Store offerings.


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You can buy these groupings of kawaii toys and plushies from us starting from around $100 with free Economy Shipping via Japan Post (upgradeable to SAL/EMS for additional fees).

To order, please message use this form here:


and input the Item # and proceed with the details. First come first serve. We will send payment invoice via paypal payable within 3 days, otherwise we will sell to the next person who ordered for it in the order form.

If you have requests to buy anything from Japan and you know the link where to get them, you can hire us and do the buying and shopping for you thru our Japan Shopping Deputy Service here:


Thank you for your support and this will go a long way in supporting our team and projects and activities in spreading the Japan love and reaching out to all of you ^^

DISCLAIMER: The groupings are randomly done with sort of balancing and pricing factors in place. Most items are good as new, mint and really excellent condition and with tags as well. Some items are 2nd hand as well and we are including some extra toy freebies, magnets etc on the packages as suprises. All sets are sold as is where is basis and no claims, no returns, no exchange basis.

Please feel free to tag your friends, like and share the album or photos and spread the cuteness around!

Thank you very much for your kawaii support!

Japan Lover Me Team <3

Japanese Keshigomu (消しゴム) – Kawaii Foodie Photography by Anne

Check these photographs submitted by a Kawaii JapanLover for our Otaku Month@.@

Foodie by Anne

Anne loves collecting interesting keshigomu (japanese erasers). @.@

Do you also have your own keshigomu collection?  n_n

Foodie Series by Anne


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