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Sakura Forecast 2017



Good morning from Japan! ?

Here’s the #sakuraforecast this year! ☺️?

Art by: @chichilittle , Info referenced from https://www.tripzilla.com/japan-cherry-blossoms-2017-forecast-where-when/51786?

Sakura-themed Food To Try in Japan!


We listed 10 Sakura-themed/flavored food you should try if you’re in Japan during Spring season (Or, you can take home as omiyage (souvenirs) for your loved ones back home)!

Which one would you 100% love to try?

Do you have other sakura-themed food that you would like to add to our list? Comment away~

 List compiled by Kaila / Rainbowholic
Artwork by Chichi / Little Miss Paintbrush

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