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We all know that Japan is known for it’s really unique Kawaii items that you won’t find anywhere else in the world– but you don’t have to be in Japan or know Japanese to get hold of your favorites!  *_*

JapanLover.me has created this comprehensive set of web listings for anyone who wants to make a purchase of their favorite Japanese goods!

You don’t need to enter anything in Japanese, because we’ve done it all for you~

Just browse and shop to your heart’s content ..and make sure you read our disclaimer before making a purchase!  o_o


A collection of wonderful and awe inspiring art by visionaries of the of kawaii art revolution.

Arts & Crafts 

Japan’s signature washi tapes, cute fabric prints, decoden supplies and the like for every Kawaii D.I.Y. lover.

Books & Magazines 

Lifestyle books, fashion magazines and other great reads to satisfy your thirst for kawaii.

Cute Geekery 

Polaroids, toy cameras and other, geeky gadgetry with a kawaii twist!

DVD & Music 

Energizing music and films that will get you excited and inspired.

Kawaii Japanese Fashion 

A huge online closet with a selection of hand-picked kawaii fashion to brighten up your wardrobe!

Health & Beauty 

Recommended Japanese meiku and skin-care products to achieve the look of your favorite Japanese fashion models.

Kawaii Characters 

Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Totoro, Doraemon, Pikachu, and all of your favorite kawaii characters!

Lovely Dolls 

Blythe, Pullip, BJD dolls and all the wide-eyed and beautiful playthings for the forever child in you.

Luxury Items 

Beautiful kawaii charms and other luxurious accessories like Sanrio’s Premium Swarovski and kira-kira collaborations.

Nom nom nom~! 

Pocky, Pretz, KitKat and other oishii snacks to satisfy your craving tummy.


Everything random that just makes you squeal- “Ka-wai-i-i~!”