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Super Kawaii Chocoholic Patisserie Cafe & SWIMMER Shop @ Daikanyama, Tokyo

If you’ve got time to spare while you’re in Japan,

but don’t want to dive into the hussle and bustle of crowded, tourist spots,

then why not take a stroll by yourself or with a few friends at Daikanyama in Shibuya?


This area is known for being laid back, but also lively and always interesting. Daikanyama has more of a modern, artsy vibe and is normally where a lot of fashionable people can be spotted; although their style is more commonly associated as being “artistic” and “sophisticated” rather than the popularly known quirky fashion style of other places like Harajuku.

There are a lot of small, yet high-end clothing boutiques in this area, as well as some open-air cafes and other interesting places to try tasty treats.

One of these quaint places is the Chocoholic Patisserie Café.

Super Kawaii Chocoholic Patisserie Cafe & SWIMMER Shop @ Daikanyama, Tokyo




This café, which can be only described as “chou kawaii!” is where you will find a lot of equally cute cakes. Not only do they have animal shaped, dome cakes, but they also serve animal macarons!


The café itself is located downstairs, with the main floor housing most of their delightful goodies like hair accessories and items for room display. Anyone that has ever dreamed of opening a café will be floating in this dream-like place! There is nothing but pure, kawaii goodness that decorate and cover every inch of Chocoholic!




They serve other foods such as rice meals on their menu, but make sure to try some of their kawaii cakes!


Would you like to choose inu-chan or panda-kun? Both are too cute to eat!





After you’ve had your fill of tasty kawaii treats, you and your best friends can head on over to the SWIMMER Daikanyama branch nearby! It you need your just desserts of kawaii, this is the perfect place to visit!




It is a branch of the main SWIMMER shop, but it also has a wide selection of very cute items! There is everything from clothes to shoes, bags to interior décor, and even novelty items such as stationary, gifts and so much more kawaii! SWIMMER has two store levels so make sure to browse though both levels in case your perfect kawaii find is still hiding! ;)

Super Kawaii Chocoholic Patisserie Cafe & SWIMMER Shop @ Daikanyama, Tokyo

Have fun and may the kawaii be with you!  :hearteyes:

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  • http://kiwivanilla.blogspot.com/ Abigail

    Simply amazing! I wish I had known about Daikanyama when I went to Japan D: oh well, next time! x3