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KIDDY LAND, Toy Paradise in Harajuku, Tokyo

Harajuku’s Landmark Toy Paradise, the KIDDY LAND flagship store, is not just for kids.

As they promise, “KIDDY LAND magic memory,” both kids and grownups feel right at home here because they will find things that are for their kids’ as well as for themselves. The goods you will find here are constantly changing and the number of items growing with each visit. From character items to special, limited items, you will be able to find here and there is something for everyone. Some times in KIDDY LAND are specialized, only being produced and sold exclusively in Japan.


(Cross this pedestrian from the Tokyu Omotesand Plaza)


DSC_4949 DSC_4950 DSC_4951

We recommend visiting the toy mecca that is KIDDY LAND after a long day of “serious” shopping in Harajuku. It’s not hard to miss the five-story building! The atmosphere in the store is very relaxed and playful, so it is nice to unwind here and let loose your child-like spirit. Everything in the store is designed to bring out the child in you—even the stairs and escalators are decorated with your favorite kawaii characters!

DSC_4953 DSC_4954

Decorated accordingly for each season, KIDDY LAND offers a variety of year-round available toys, as well as seasonal ones such as Halloween, Valentines and White Day-themed items!

Everything cute and undeniably kawaii can be found here: from Sanrio, San-x, Ghibli and Miffy, to Mediocomtoy, Blythe and Pullip. You can even find some cute Doraemon goods, magical Disney gifts and even some special brand collborations like Eva x Hello Kitty! KIDDY LAND is definitely an all-in-one souvenir shop where all your fandoms and kawaii characters collide.


Kiddyland @ Harajuku, Tokyo

Warning: this is a dangerous place for the wallets of Rilakkuma lovers. If you’re the type that just can’t say “no” to purchasing more, cute Rilakkuma goodies, you might want to consider either bringing more money or having a budget depending on how badly you want to add to your collection! There is a notoriously huge Rilakkuma plushie available at KIDDY LAND that can be purchased for 14,000 JPY! If your wallet and room is ready, go for it!

KIDDY LAND, Toy Paradise in Harajuku, Tokyo
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IMG_9112 IMG_9113 IMG_9115 IMG_9116 IMG_9117 IMG_9118 IMG_9148 IMG_9149 IMG_9150 IMG_9151 IMG_9152 IMG_9153

IMG_9155 IMG_9156 IMG_9157 IMG_9158 IMG_9159 IMG_9160 IMG_9161 IMG_9162 IMG_9163 IMG_9170 IMG_9171 IMG_9172 IMG_9173 IMG_9175

Finally, if you are not much of a doll collector and more a fan of the immensely popular Vinyl toys like Be@rbrick, KIDDY LAND is a stop you’d want to make before heading any where else. You can pick up a Be@rbrick keychain trinket to a full-figured vinyl collectible.


If you are not staying near Harajuku during your visit to Japan, don’t worry! You can still find a KIDDY LAND near you! There are over 80 branches of KIDDY LAND all over the country from Hokkaido to Kagoshima. Visit their website for a full list of branches that you can visit!

Tell us what KIDDY goodies you bought during your visit!


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  • http://www.facebook.com/applered10 Gillian Galang

    if only I could have a huge amount of money and buy them all~

  • http://twitter.com/KayaKiraKira Kaya Zidler

    All of the sanrio stuff is too cute! And the totoro plushies look so fluffy!

    I am a big fan of the be@rbricks too! This place looks like such fun!

  • http://www.infinishion.blogspot.com/ Emika

    I love this place!!! <3 _ <3

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  • Shaira D. Pasadilla

    pullip dolls! gonna go to harajuku at my bday just to buy that doll…im in japan right now!

  • Avi DePano

    If I had any doubts that I wanted to go here, I am completely sold! I can’t wait to go ^_^