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Kawaii DIY Kiki Bow Tutorial

Whether you think Kiki (from Kiki’s Delivery Service) wore her bow because it was significant, or just part of her personal style, there is no denying that it is a statement piece that sets her apart from the rest of Studio Ghibli’s heroines. *_*


Now, you can create your own statement head bow just like Kiki’s with our tutorial by Head Troublemaker (and now Bowlady) Kaila@.@

This bow is just perfect and isn’t just for cosplaying because there are so many ways to integrate it with your personal, kawaii style!  n_n


Kawaii Tutorial Time!


For this tutorial, you need the follow materials:

  • Red fabric (maybe a yard or so will be fine :D)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Needle and red thread
  • Rubber hair tie
  • Cotton stuffing
  • Optional: sewing machine


For the bow base, the measurements for the red fabric would be 14.5 cm (H) x 16 cm (W).


Fold the red cloth into half. Make sure the prettier side is inside.  :hearteyes:


You can sew this by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine~

Just follow the stitches as shown above.

Make sure that there is a hole at the center.


Flip the pretty side inside out.




Put the cotton stuffing inside ~


Using the rubber hair tie, make a fluffy bow out of it!


For the center band, cut a strip of red fabric. (measurements: 4.5 cm (H) x 7 cm (W))


For the band itself, the measurements are: 5 cm (H) x 42 cm (W) :D

After that, fold the strips into half and sew the edges. Flip the pretty side out.




Hide the ugly edges inside then sew those to secure.




Put the longer band on top of the fluffy bow. Make sure that each side is equal.


Get the center band to hold those two together. Sew the edges together to finish it.


You now have a pretty huge bow!

DIY Kiki Bow Tutorial by Kaila

YAY~!  @.@


And you can now have Kiki-inspired (ota-cute) outfit! Grab any black / dark purple dress and a broom.. and off you go~ Hahaha!


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Please don’t forget to share us your own Kiki bow once you’re done DIY-ing!  :hearteyes:

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  • rawrtorachan

    Kawaii~! I’ll try it with different sizes :D

  • pandahjessie

    Thank you for this tutorial! I love your dress :D

  • Yasmin Allen

    Thanks! You’re so cute!

  • Fiona Harding

    weee this is super cute!

  • http://yinyit.blogspot.com/ Isis Mendoza // Yinyit

    My dreams come true!? Kaila cosplaying~♥ a little xD
    Good tutorial!! ;3

  • Eliph Hadert

    Do you mean inches, as centermeters seem quite small?

  • wow

    Looks weird. The wrong size, shape, and positioning.