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10 Things To Do When in Harajuku!

Here are our kawaii suggestions when you’re in Tokyo’s fashion mecca#_#

10 Things to Do in Harajuku

  1. Eat the famous “Harajuku” crepes. (Our recommendation: Angel Hearts Harajuku Crepes!)
  2. Take “purikura” / neoprint photos.
  3. Go to KIDDYLAND!
  4. Shop at Takeshita Dori & La Foret!
  5. Eat at Pancake Days.
  6. Visit a Cat / Neko Cafe. (Here’s an informative post about cat cafes!)
  7. Visit Meiji Shrine.
  8. Visit 6% DOKIDOKI at Ura-Harajuku!
  9. Visit the Design Festa Gallery!
  10. And of course, dress fashionably! Get style inspiration from TokyoFashion.com!

 (Kawaii tips from Rainbowholic  :heart: Infographic by Little Miss Paintbrush!)

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