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Free Cute Goodies

Who doesn’t enjoy goodies? Everyone deserves goodies!

Like freebies that come with your favorite Japanese magazines, JapanLover.Me :heart: wants you to have these super kawaii downloadable goodies for your website or blog—

you can even adopt a cute little toy poodleu_u

Just remember to  link back to Kawaii Japan Lover if you use any of these goodies! Enjoy!  *_*

Tabemono Month Specials

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kawaii-food-stickers_0003_Layer6    kawaii-food-stickers_0002_Layer5     kawaii-food-stickers_0006_Layer9

kawaii-food-stickers_0004_Layer7     kawaii-food-stickers_0005_Layer8

kawaii-food-stickers_0009_Layer12     Tabemono Month

 kawaii-food-stickers_0007_Layer10 kawaii-food-stickers_0008_Layer11   kawaii-food-stickers_0010_Layer13    kawaii-food-stickers_0011_Layer1

Download the whole printable sticker sheet here.

Kawaii Website Badges


Kawaii Icon Packs

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Official JapanLover.Me Emoticons

Download the emoticon pack here.

Tiled Background Goodies







JapanLover Family

You may virtually adopt JapanLover’s characters for your website!  ;P



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