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When Quirky Meets Kawaii: An Interview with Anggy Cempaka of ENJI (エンジ)

When creating an eye-catching kawaii coordinate, choosing the right accessories can really make the difference. :flower:  And what’s fun about kawaii fashion is the mix and match of different accessories to really bring your code to life! And what better way to add a little quirk into your fashion statement than by adding some quirky accessories just those of Enji@.@

Enji is an online-based story created by quirky (and pretty!) Kawaii JapanLover, Anggy Cempaka! Her interesting and kawaii style truly translates into her work for Enji. Enji’s fashion style is so interesting and JapanLover is happy to interview and get to know owner and creator, Anggy!

Anggy Cempaka

The Origins of Enji: What is the Story and Inspiration Behind It?

Enji was started a year ago. But I’ve actually been planning on having my own brand for long long time now^^ And as I learned Nihonggo, I was thinking “Hey, why I didn’t make something that related with Japan?

enji-name card front

The hiragana necklace and earrings were my first creations. I used acrylic as the base material. As for the design, basically, I’m not into trends. I just create anything that pops-up in my head. My wish is that when people wear my creations, it will become a new trend. ^^

photo (81)

photo (83)

I just love creating things and I want to share everything I make with every Japanese Fashion Lover out there! <3 Until now, I’m still learning to explore new materials, colors and create more quirky-kawaii pieces.


For the name, Enji is simply based on my name (hihihi). Some people often called me Angie. But I changed it into Enji because it’s simple and has a bit of a Japanese-sound. ^^ “Enji” is easy to say and easy to remember as well. ^^

A necklace

My inspiration comes from everywhere. Mostly, it comes from Japanese magazines, Japanese Fashion sites, and Doramas. I love seeing Japanese people wearing quirky–kawaii items and, hopefully someday, I will see people wearing my creations as well. Haha! ^^

The Quirky-Kawaii Fashion Accessory Designer and JapanLover, Anggy Cempaka

I was actually a Copywriter. ^^ I worked in Advertising Agencies in Jakarta before I decided to be a freelancer and having my own brand.

I love Fashion! It’s my biggest passion! I love to wear quirky accessories and outfits! I love [Studio] Ghibli and Doramas (hello, Kennichi Matsuyama ^^), and I love everything that is related with Japan (fashion, music, culture, everything)!

The Anggy x Japan Rabu Sutorii (Love Story)

When I was a kid, I loved watching Doraemon, Sailor Moon and Candy-Candy. I love to read comics such as Seven Magic, Miss Modern, Pop Corn, etc. And I enjoyed every story. They inspired me a lot! Especially their cute expressions, body gestures, lolita dress and all.


And, oh, from long time ago, I loved listening to Japanese Music from artists like Bonnie Pink, Arashi and, of course, L’Arc-en-Ciel! They have their own unique voice and style. Now, my favorite singer is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ;p but I still love you, Hyde! ^^

Anggy’s Favorite Japanese Characters

I love Kaonashi (No Face) from Studio Ghibli’s “Spirited Away” because he has a strong character, is different…unique! Once people see him, they will remember him! Just forget the part where he likes to eat humans, okay? Hihihi!  #_#

And I love Howl too (huhuhuuu)! I can’t decide who I love the most. Because I’m pretty sure that that in my previous life, I would be living in Howl’s Moving Castle and moving from one place to another: getting new experiences from around the world! :’)

Finally, Anggy Comes to Japan!

The first time I went to Japan was three years ago. My first impression was “WOW! I should live here!” :’) I love every corner, sitting enjoying random juice drinks and ice cream with super cute packaging from every convenience store. And I definitely love the food.


I love the way Japanese people appreciate their traditional culture in this modern life. I love the way they express themselves with their own uniqueness. And I can express my self also by wearing any outfit that I like without being afraid that people will judge me. They are so creative, create so many cool thing and how Japanese people themselves appreciate their creations.


But the thing that I love most is their “Ganbatte” spirit, how they believe and work hard to achieve their goal. It has inspired me a lot! My brother also lived in Japan and got married to a kawaii Japanese woman. So Japanese culture, art and everything has been around me and my family, and it influences me very much.

Anggy’s Favorite Enji Accessory of the Moment

My favorite piece is “KYAAA” necklace. It’s so simple but I love it. ^^


The inspiration came from Japanese comics and Doramas. That’s how I translated their unique expression into a necklace creation. I hope people who see it would scream and say “KYAAAA” as well ^^

Enji x JapanLover.Me (More Details SOON!)


As a special treat for all Kawaii and JapanLovers, Enji has collaborated with JapanLover.Me for a very special line of JapanLover accessories! Anggy talks about her designs for this special project!


For the heart-shaped design, I just wanted to make the word 日本 (Nippon) and use the heart shape to let it stand out more. It shows how much I love Japan and people who wear it can show their love through this design too.


As for the colors I used, it is in relation to the Japanese Flag. It is traditionally just white and red, but I combined it with silvery-white as a kawaii addition ^^

The origami design is a combination between modern and Japanese culture ^^ I’m using the asymmetrical shape because it’s related with origami’s unique shape. Why origami? It’s simply because crane origami is very iconic, very kawaii and it’s sooo Japanese!



Lastly, What is Anggy’s Dream for the Future of Enji?

I want to have an Enji’s store in Japan ^^ as well as live in Japan! The concept of the store would be quirky-kawaii! And the store would not only be for Enji, but other brands could join in and introduce their handmade pieces so we can share the kawaii-ness with everyone!


The Enji store would be really homey, just like a kawaii-paradise! So when you come to the store you would say to yourself “OMG! It’s heaven! Please don’t wake me up!” Hahaha! Ganbarimasu to myself! ^^

Godzilla -DSC_4379 samurai

Find Quirky-KawaiiLover Enji Online!

Every KawaiiLover should keep an eye on this fast-growing and quirky brand! Make sure to follow and watch Enji’s story unfold!

enji-name card back

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ENJInokoto

Tumblr: www.enji-id.tumblr.com

Twitter & instagram: @enji_id (#enjinokoto)

To order, please email me at enjifashion@gmail.com

Soon, Enji will make shopping transactions a lot easier and watch out for Enji’s website as well!  :heart:

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