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Hello Kitty Store Japan @ Tokyo Solamachi

Everything that a Hello Kitty fan would dream to see can be found in this paradise in Tokyo Solamachi, found at Tokyo Skytree!  @.@

Why is this place such an important stop for Hello Kitty lovers, you ask?


Well, aside from offering a heap-load of Hello Kitty-themed merchandise, some of the items they offer here are sold exclusively at this store!   OoO

Hello Kitty Store Japan @ Tokyo SolamachiWe’re sure that there have been many versions of Hello Kitty wearing kimono, but doesn’t this pink kimono just suit her so well?




Super Kawaii Chocoholic Patisserie Cafe & SWIMMER Shop @ Daikanyama, Tokyo

If you’ve got time to spare while you’re in Japan,

but don’t want to dive into the hussle and bustle of crowded, tourist spots,

then why not take a stroll by yourself or with a few friends at Daikanyama in Shibuya?


This area is known for being laid back, but also lively and always interesting. Daikanyama has more of a modern, artsy vibe and is normally where a lot of fashionable people can be spotted; although their style is more commonly associated as being “artistic” and “sophisticated” rather than the popularly known quirky fashion style of other places like Harajuku.

There are a lot of small, yet high-end clothing boutiques in this area, as well as some open-air cafes and other interesting places to try tasty treats.

One of these quaint places is the Chocoholic Patisserie Café.

Super Kawaii Chocoholic Patisserie Cafe & SWIMMER Shop @ Daikanyama, Tokyo




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