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Japanese Traditional Hair Ornaments: Kanzashi

Hi everyone!

Today’s かっこいい lesson is about kanzashi (簪), hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles.


Basic Types:

  • Bira-bira – composed of dangling, tinkling metal strips and/or long chains of silk flowers.
  • Kogai – an ornament made up of a “sword and a sheath”, usually sold as a set with:
  • Kushi (comb kanzashi) comb hair ornament with delicate decorations.
  • Tama – Ball style kanzashi, with prongs to stick on the hairstyle.
  • Kanoko Dome -heavily decorated dome-like hair ornament usually place towards the top-back of the traditional hairstyle.
  • Ōgi – fan-shaped, fancily decorated kanzashi, with dangling aluminum strips.
  • Tsumami Kanzashi – Literally, ‘folded fabric hair ornament’, usually shaped as flowers (hana kanzashi).

Source: http://goo.gl/UxkIES

Kawaii Kanzashi

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