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Harajuku Vintage Shop Map by FUNKTIQUE TOKYO


HARAJUKU Vintage SHOPMAP is a simple guide for good quality vintage stores around Harajuku area. If you like FRUiTS magazine style / Japanese street fashion in general, this guide by FUNKTIQUE Tokyo is a must when exploring Harajuku for the best curated fashion pieces. You can visit Funktique store (Opening Hours: 12:00-20:00) to get a free copy before embarking on your vintage shopping journey in Harajuku. Or you can download the the PDF file from here!


We also posted a vintage shopping guide here! : )


Enjoy, vintage lovers!


Cat Cafe Guide by Our Kawaii Tokyo <3


Cat Cafe Guide by Our Kawaii Tokyo dedicated to all neko lovers out there!

“Cat cafés have already become a world-wide phenomenon with similar businesses opening here and there. There are some in Korea and even in the Philippines, we’ve been definitely bitten (or scratch) by this (meow) bug . There are plenty of thing we want you to remember before introducing our favourite cat cafés in Tokyo and even outside Tokyo.

First, always remove your shoes before entering (when you’re in Japan, do as the Japanese do). Second, wash your hands carefully before and after entering the cat area. Third, you can take photos but flash photography is strictly prohibited. Take note, pets are not usually allowed inside Japanese apartments. That explains everything!”

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