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Little Miss Bento’s Kawaii Creations

We would just like to share these ultra cute bento & dessert creations

by a JapanLover from Singapore, Shirley of Little Miss Bento!


Totoro Sakura Bento

Totoro x Sakura Bento

Sanrio Noodles Bento Melody Kerropi Purin (1)

Sanrio Noodles Bento

Korilakkuma Strawberry Bento

Korilakkuma Strawberry Bento

Kodomo no Hi Bento Japan Children Day (2)

Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day) Bento


Japan’s Fukurou (Owl) Cafes

We’ve covered cat cafes and bunny cafes, but have you ever heard of “owl cafe”?


Fukurou Owl Cafe

Owl cafes have been a recent hit in Japan~ from cafes that offer owl-themed food and drinks (with owls watching you with their big, round eyes while you eat), to ones that allow customers to actually pet the birds!


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