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Kawaii Tokyo Postcard Designs by Rainbowholic x Little Miss Paintbrush

Ever wonder where the idea of “Doodled Photographs” of JapanLover.me came from?


It actually started from a simple “Hagaki” (postcard) collaboration between Kaila (JapanLover.me head trouble-maker) and ChiChi (official Kawaii illustrator) featuring photos of different places / random kawaii objects in Tokyo.  After getting lots of positive feedback regarding the Doodles x Photos mini collab…  they both thought that it would also be a brilliant idea to make creative photo strolls by injecting kawaii doodles!  ;P

Here are all the doodled photographs (a.k.a. the original roots of kawaii photo strolls)~ hehe!

Postcard Project by Rainbowholic and Little Miss Paintbrush

A small street in Shinjuku~


Somewhere in Harajuku!


A Guide For Gaijins: How To Wear Your Seifuku

Ever wonder why schools in Japan issue such short skirts as part of their seifuku (uniforms)?

Well, actually, they don’t.  =_=

If you’ve come to think that the uniforms you see in anime and manga are standard-issue, think again.  n_n

It’s time to learn how to wear a seifuku the proper way. Here to show you how is our resident Japanese school girl, Izumi#_#

Now you know! You learn something new every time here at JapanLover.Me!

How To Wear Your Seifuku (The Obachan Friendly Version) by Izumi Nagai

A Guide For Gaijins: How To Wear Your Seifuku(the obachan friendly version)I decided to make this to educate people and to stop the stereotyping of Japan’s school uniforms. Ok guys we are entering Japan irl not in anime/manga/jdorama letsu go~  /^_^/

02When you receive your uniform, it will look like this cause THAT’s how long it should really be. But we’re rebels and we want to look supah cool and all so some girls hem their skirts permanently shorter(even in winter yikes) but here’s an ancient trick passed by my ancestors that i’ll share to you guys.


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