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Sweet Kawaii Lolita-inspired Art by Jenni Ly

Cute and sweet are two words that always come together when talking about the kawaii lifestyle. And nothing captures this more than the lovely illustrations of Kawaii JapanLover Jenni@.@

Kawaii Sweet Lolita Art by Jenni Ly

She has created wonderfully sweet artwork that show both

the overly cute and sweetest things kawaii!  *_*

caramal popcorn lolita

Where did you get the inspiration of mixing sweets/foodies with lolita fashion?

“I love sweets! I’m a sucker when it comes to desserts and anything related to chocolate. I also love cute clothing. So I thought of mixing the 2 together as I love to design clothes as well when I draw. What gives me inspiration is how to relate food into clothing, the hair on the girls or colour. When I was in high school, I made my own project to draw up 12 months of the year with chibi girls wearing the flower months. This is how I started drawing these kinds of designs. @.@

donut lolita



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