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Japan Lover Me Store Paper Doll


Good morning! We’ve been uploading lots of sugoi x kawaii legit Japanese fashion items to Japan Lover Me Store !  Here’s a free simple and cute paper doll to practice your coordinate skills! ? Just save the image and print it out~ ^-^

You may also color your own paper doll! Download the uncolored version here: https://goo.gl/oa3yxz

Art by Little Miss Paintbrush | www.littlemisspaintbrush.tumblr.com

Kawaii Campaign winners! <3

Here are the kawaii chibis that our own creative head / illustrator Little Miss Paintbrush drew! \(T∇T)/ Congratulations to the following girls for submitting noteworthy Kawaii Campaign entries!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Kawaii Philippines’ “Worldwide Kawaii Campaign” last month! It means a lot to us! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

For more details, please check out www.kawaii.ph/?p=1893 ☆



Sharing the Worldwide JapanLove



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