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Firefly Garden

If you’re in Tokyo this June, be sure to check out the “firefly garden” at Hotel Chinzanso! <3

“Running until the end of June, this annual event is held at the opulent Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, a luxury spot that boasts its very own firefly garden. A small dell filled with dense vegetation provides a natural breeding ground for the delicate insects, all of which can be viewed from a wooden bridge crossing the area. Other event highlights include an illuminated garden and a wide variety of firefly-related offers at the hotel’s restaurants. – http://goo.gl/pwhb4o


Artwork by Little Miss Paintbrush @chichilittle <3


Coming of Age Day (成人の日 Seijin no Hi)

Happy Coming of Age day to those who turned 20 last year!


Coming of Age Day (成人の日 Seijin no Hi) is celebrated in Japan on the 2nd Monday of every year (this year, it’s January 11) to congratulate everyone who turned 20 (“age of majority”) over the past year and encourage them to be responsible and self-reliant.

Artwork by: Little Miss Paintbrush​ <3


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