Japan Deputy Shopping Service by Japan Lover Me (Beta Mode)

Deputy Shopping Service

Hello dear JapanLover! At the moment, we are still trying out this shopping service additional feature on our website. Please bear with us as we process orders manually for the meantime. Kindly read our shopping service policy & terms below before transacting with us. Thank you for you kind understanding & unwavering support!

Japan Deputy Shopping Service Diagram

Deputy Shopping Service Policy

  • Before filling up the order form provided below, please make sure that you are 100% decided to purchase the item/s. The form provided is an “order request form” and not an inquiry form. For other inquiries, please reach us with this form instead.
  • NO haggling of service fees.
  • WE ONLY ACCEPT payments through PAYPAL
  • If you already have a Paypal account, we will ONLY ship your order to the Paypal shipping address. This is to prevent Paypal scams & fraud.
  • Weekly cut-off of confirmed orders will be every Friday, 11:00 PM Japan time. Once we receive your first payment on or before Friday, we will process it during the weekend. In some cases, we can process your online shop orders as soon as we receive your first payment.
  • For online orders: If the item you wish to order suddenly becomes unavailable, we will email you as soon as possible. You can choose to proceed with your order with another product, or we can refund the first payment back to you. For the other product/s, the remaining cost (if it exceeds the price of first order) will be added to your next Paypal invoice (second payment).
  • Once you have sent your first or second payment, you cannot cancel anymore for whatever reason.
  • No return and no exchange policy is strictly implemented. No claims regarding the product’s quality / size upon receipt of package. JLM Shopping Deputy Service team will not be responsible for that.
  • Lovely customers who will write about their shopping experience with us through their blog / website will be given special discounts in future transactions.
  • By submitting the order request form means that you agree with our terms & conditions.

Service Fee

Use this helpful Currency Exchange Converter for your reference.

  • 5,000 yen and below: 1,800 JPY
  • 5,001 yen – 15,000: 2,500 JPY
  • 15,001 – 25,000: 3,500 JPY
  • Over 25,001: 15% of the total cost of order (item price only)

For every additional order (from a different store), there is a 500 yen service fee.

☆ Special fee ☆ for magazines / books: 500 JPY (+200 JPY per addition)

Please note that Japanese magazines are quite heavy. Estimated weight for each piece is .50 kg with packaging included. 2 magazines will be around 1.5 kg.

Disclaimer: We reserve the rights to change the fees and rates as necessary depending on the situation and circumstances at any time. Please carefully check the rates always, before you finalize and send-in your orders and requests.

The Order Process

How To Place An Order

1. Fill up the contact form provided below with your order request. Please be 10000% sure before reserving / placing an order. Bogus buyers / joy reservers will be blacklisted.

  • If the form does not work in some cases, please send a direct email to www.japanlover.me@gmail.com. Please use “[JapanLover.Me Shopping Service] – ____” as the subject title.

Kindly use the following format (using the “Order Description” box below):

  • Order #: ___
  • Brand / Shop URL: ___
  • Product URL: ___
  • Color/Style: ___
  • Size: ___
  • Quantity (if applicable): ___

We will only ship using EMS Japan (tracking number included). Please check here for the EMS shipping rates table.

Items with free shipping will be indicated. Payment will be settled using Paypal only. We will only ship to your paypal shipping address. Store policy and terms + manual PayPal invoice assessment (computation of total weight of package / shipping & handling costs) will be sent to your email after we receive and review your order.

[easy_contact_forms fid=3]

2. Kindly wait for our response regarding your order inquiry.

3.  We will send you a Paypal invoice which includes:

  • Actual price of the item + local shipping cost (if applicable)
  • Paypal charge (5% of the total cost)
  • Our service fee (see chart above)


5. After we receive your first payment, we will proceed with your order. Local online orders would usually arrive in 3-7 business days.

6. We will send you an email regarding your order (screenshots, product photos, if applicable).

7. Second Paypal invoice will be sent after. Second payment includes:

8. Upon receiving your second payment, we will pack and ship your item.

9. You will receive packaging photos with the tracking number of your order.

10. Item arrives at your doorstep!

11. We can combine orders up to 2 weeks or in some exceptional cases more than that with prior arrangements. 12) We can ship and buy anything for you literally from Japan. If you have doubts or qualms, please send us a message and inquiry detailing your requests.

Total estimated time of order process: 2-3 weeks

Final Note: All Items are sold as is as shown in the pictures and condition represented in the listing or offering. No returns and exchanges shall be entertained otherwise unless we shipped another item by mistake or other reasons to this effect.

Your support of our service here shall go a long, long way to help us fund our activities and projects in sharing this worldwide Japan love with all of you. We sincerely hope for your patronage that we may be able to make this place and site a gathering place for everybody who loves Japan.

Thank you very much and please feel free to share the service to your friends and networks ^^