Japan Lover Me Store: The Biggest Online Collection of Japanese Souvenir Jackets

Japan Lover Me Store stocks the biggest online collection of souvenir jackets / sukajan as we embark on an ambitious dream to curate each and every design as much as possible. Your purchase and support of our store will go a long way in helping us preserve the designs for everybody’s inspiration and adoration and the generations to come.

We hope to share the beauty of the Japanese culture, arts and aesthethics as epitomized in this one-piece glorious and mighty “souvenir jacket”.  By selling online – reaching and serving hundreds of clients worldwide ever since, ranging from famous Hollywood stylists to top European Fashion Houses and Brands, we aim to spread the essence and the inspiration as well of this cool-ture aspect of Japan.

We are embarking on an ambitious project to make an online  “Souvenir Jacket” a.k.a. “Sukajan” Museum and later on, realize it to become a “Sukajan Cafe” where we can share directly with our clients, fans and friends the adoration for these lovely jackets.

Your purchase, love and support goes a long way in our efforts to curate each and every piece of souvenir jacket out there and share this big love and passion towards “Wagara” or 和柄 .

One day, we dream of welcoming you to our very own Souvenir Jacket Musuem Cafe where we can all take our ootd’s, snapchats and IG’s with everyone in sharing this worldwide Japan love.

Check us out for more thrilling offerings and picks, that you can only trust as authentically and genuinely coming from Japan.

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We are so happy to have the chance to serve you and bridge Japan straight to your doorsteps. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your purchase/s and order/s from us as much as we enjoy sending them with love from here. If you happen to want something else, anything big or small, be it a product or a service, please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you as your deputy shopping assistant and concierge based in Japan. We also do cater to specialized requests (with corresponding fees as well) and act as search assistants on behalf of our clients who wish to get something from this side of the world.


We love to hear anything from you regarding your shopping experience with us, we appreciate any comments, feedback, opinion or advise in order for us to improve our service to you and everyone. We do not mind being shared, commended or reviewed in your personal spaces and blogs as well, so feel free to write about us and let the world know how we work hard to bring this Japan-loving community into a warm one.

Now, for original Japan Lover Me Store item purchases (not service/s), we offer a returnee 5% discount off the catalogued prices we have for any of our items in your next purchase if you can send us either a link of your review of your experience with us or by hashtagging us with #JAPANLOVERMESTORE #JAPANLOVERME on social media.

OFFICIAL WEBSTORE: www.japanloverme-store.com
INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/japanloverme.store
IG GALLERY: www.instagram.com/japanese.sukajan
SUKAJAN KING: www.instagram.com/sukajan.official
NEW RELEASES: www.japanlover.me/japanese-sukajan-souvenir-jackets

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