Connie & David Allegre – A Sukajan Souvenir Jacket Symphony

When culture clashes, more often, we see violent reactions in the forms of disowning and bashing from the bystanders. Truly, the outlook towards the Japanese pop cool-ture has evolved over the years and survived fashion revivals, ups and downs but the only icon that has emerged victorious among them is definitely this – the mighty souvenir jacket.

Of late and even in the present Japanese society, the acceptance and look over somebody wearing one still calls for a stereotype stigma of being an outcast, weird and unfitting. However, this cultural bias is gradually again being overriden when the hype and change comes from the outside. Meaning, when foreigners do not and make a fuss over it, mostly it is bypassed as cool and “in”, but to the surprise of a keen observer, later on the act begins to seep into the consciousness of the vigilant native Japanese. The effect is quite impressive because, it is during when, their own cultural perceptions towards their own, begin to be deconstructed towards a more lenient acceptance of the fact that it is indeed “cool”.

Our social media idols rocking their own interpretation and styling of the glorious souvenir jacket look.

The Bento Fox or known as Connie to her beloved followers and fans – undeniably is the most apt and prolific image model of the bad-ass kawaii chic look – nonchalantly and effortlessly rocks the feel and vibes of donning one.

She is with her favorite motif by Katsushika Hokusai’s Kanagawa Waves over Mt. Fuji – which is an all-time favorite. The embroidery is very detailed and there is just too much needlework on it which resembles the cute tattoos spread over her body as well. She seems to be a yanki, an princess, style goddess, otaku-nerdist all rolled into one. We can only wish that we all could be as cool as her. No words really needed to describe how awesome she is. The style, class topped with Japonism is truly remarkable and we are not going to be shocked if these photos below will remain viral for generations to enjoy.

Check out her instagram post featuring our jacket which has garnered over 21,000+ likes up to date.

Dreaming of being a style conquistador in the Latin American world, we have here David Allegre, the super famous androgynous style icon who flawlessly rocked the same design in turquoise color.

Anybody would just jealously croon over his charisma and fall in love with his character and make you want to see what else can he do besides entertaining via his youtube channel. Watch his video featuring the souvenir jacket here.

How is that for a daily dose of heart-attack, all brought to you by, our favorite bloggers and personalities.

With this, we claim, that the souvenir jacket will continue to reign and remain in the distant consciousness of the drooling fashionista dreaming of having one in their closet.

Now, please enjoy your shopping and let us serve your needs to be like them. : )

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