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Yokohama Photo Stroll

Most people that visit Japan flock to Tokyo for most of their sight seeing. But what most people don’t think of is that there are many places in the country that is rich with interesting places!

One of these places is the rich city of Yokohama, just south of Tokyo and is the second largest city in Japan. The city is one of Japan’s major ports and is therefore full of life and places to see!

1x1.trans Yokohama Photo Stroll

1x1.trans Yokohama Photo Stroll

And because Yokohama is home to many of Japan’s corporations, it is easy to see how well their economy is doing just by walking down the street. On certain days, affluent citizens of the city will take out their luxury cars and park them along a long street. This automatically becomes an instant tourist-spot and is quite a sight to see.

1x1.trans Yokohama Photo Stroll


CUPNOODLES Museum at Yokohama

Yokohama is quite a full city of attractions, but a must-visit spot for any Japan Lover is the CUP NOODLES Museum1x1.trans CUPNOODLES Museum at Yokohama

1x1.trans CUPNOODLES Museum at Yokohama 1x1.trans CUPNOODLES Museum at Yokohama 1x1.trans CUPNOODLES Museum at Yokohama

You would be surprised that there is a museum solely dedicated to the instant noodle, but this is Japan and one of the things they are best known for is the creation of these tasty, instant meals. Not only will you get to see a lot of variety when it comes to instant noodles, but you will also be able to learn a lot of interesting facts and history about the creation of the cup noodle. These are facts that you didn’t think would be too interesting, but really fun to learn!

First off is the Instant Noodles History Cube. Here you will see a graphic re-telling of the history of the instant noodle, from its humble origins from a single serving of chicken ramen into its evolution of more than 3,000 product packages developed in just half a century—that’s a lot of ramen!

You can also see an exhibition about the creator of instant ramen, Momofuku Ando. The exhibit is a visual history of his life and relationship with food creation. This is linked to the Creative Thinking Boxes exhibit, which gives you a glimpse into the process of creation that goes into the conception of new, innovated ramen variations.


1x1.trans CUPNOODLES Museum at Yokohama