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JapanLoverMeYōkai ~Zashiki Warashi~

Good morning from Japan!  Today’s #JapanLoverMeYōkai are “Zashiki Warashi”!

1x1.trans JapanLoverMeYōkai ~Zashiki Warashi~

“Zashiki warashi are house spirits, fond of mischief, loved by all, and believed to bring great fortune and riches to those whose houses it haunts. They appear as ghost-like five or six year old children with blushing red faces.” http://yokai.com/zashikiwarashi/

“The spirit must be noticed, appreciated and cared for properly, much in the manner one would raise a child, though too much attention may drive it off.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zashiki-warashi

It is said that only inhabitants of the house (usually children), can see the spirit. It is also said that they enjoy food (mostly sweets) lying around the house.  Driving off these spirits is said to cause great misfortune!


Illustration by: Little Miss Paintbrush

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JapanLoverMeYōkai‬ ~Hahakigami~

Paper lanterns, umbrellas, straw sandals.. what about brooms?

Our ‪#‎JapanLoverMeYōkai‬ for today is another tsukumogami, a broom spirit called hahakigami!

1x1.trans JapanLoverMeYōkai‬  ~Hahakigami~

“A hahakigami is a tsukumogami which takes up residence in a broom. They can sometimes be seen on cold, windy late autumn mornings, sweeping wildly at the blowing leaves.

Long ago, brooms were not household cleaning tools, but actually holy instruments used in ritual purification ceremonies. They were used to on the air in a room or area in order to purify it and sweep out any evil spirits and negative energy that might be lingering there.

Hahakigami are used also as magical charms for safe and quick childbirth. Because brooms are used to “sweep out” evil energy, a hahakigami acts as a sort of totem to “sweep out” the baby from its mother safely. They are also used as charms to keep guests from overstaying their visit. Anyone who has stayed beyond their welcome might also be “swept out” by the power of the hahakigami.” – Source: http://yokai.com/hahakigami

Illustration by: Little Miss Paintbrush

Stay tuned for more yōkai posts from us this month!
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1x1.trans JapanLoverMeYōkai‬  ~Hahakigami~

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