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1x1.trans Setsubun

Today, Japan celebrates Setsubun, or the “Bean-throwing Festival”. It signals the start of Spring, thus it is also called the “Seasonal Division”.

In Japan, Spring symbolizes a “new life/year”, (because it also coincides with the Lunar new year), so the people perform Mamemaki, or bean (roasted soybeans, or sometimes, peanuts) throwing, to “cast away the past’s bad spirits”.

A member of the household wears an oni (demon) mask, then other family members and friends throw the beans at him/her, while saying “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!”

(Demon out! Luck/happiness in!).

It is also customary to eat one bean per one year of a person’s age, plus an additional one bean for the coming year, for good luck. (。´∀`)ノa


Art by Little Miss Paintbrush (www.hello.chi-chi.me)

Just in Japan

Hello JapanLovers!

1x1.trans Just in Japan

JLM photographer / contributor Justin has officially launched his website called Just in Japan (www.justinjapan.com).

Justin is a food & travel photographer from Manila who recently moved to Japan to explore new opportunities and pursue his longtime dream of living in Japan.

If you love reading Japan photo essays, travel stories and food / recipe features, you will love this new blog by #JustinJapan! :)

1x1.trans Just in Japan

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