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10 Things To Do When in Oita

Things To Do When in Oita by JapanLover.me

1x1.trans 10 Things To Do When in Oita

Oita prefecture is located at the Eastern part of Kyushu Island in Japan.

It is also known as one of the prefectures that has a lot of commercial spa towns and hotsprings (onsen) that could really refresh your mind, body and soul. It is also surrounded by nature from seas, mountains and such that can surely make you appreciate what Japan is made of. Below are that things that you can do or visit in Oita that you won’t forget in your entire lives.


Studying in Japan Tips

1x1.trans Studying in Japan Tips

By John Roman Aquino

Have you ever dreamed of living and studying in Japan? Have you ever thought that it is impossible for you to achieve this dream because of financial and other problems? Then worry no more! These tips will help you to be driven and do your best to achieve your dreams!

This post is categorized into three parts: BEFORE going to Japan, DURING your stay in Japan, and LEAVING Japan. All of my tips are based from my own experience and I hope you would find these tips useful when you join exchange programs in Japan.


Be prepared. Japan is neither a paradise nor a heaven that you can enjoy in a year. I am sure that you will face a lot of difficulties, such as language barriers and culture shock that you will surely experience as an exchange student. It will be tough but the most important thing is you will learn from them. Study hard, respect other people and know your limitations. Knowing the Japanese language and culture would be a great advantage but you should also know how to apply in real life the things that you have learned. Do your best in everything and be cautious to other people’s behavior and things around you. As long as you know how things work in Japan, you will definitely enjoy your life here.

Research. This is related to my first advice because if you really want to study in Japan, you really have to do your research for the schools that you can enter, things that you can study, and how it will direct you to your future career path. Yes, participating in an exchange program just to have fun or just to gain experience is good but it would be better if you would think of your future first and how can these exchange programs will affect your career path. This is also a once in a lifetime opportunity and it would be really worth it if you will have fun and think of how it can help you make your choices in the future at the same time. Researching the school’s reputation and other benefits that you can gain if you participate in their exchange program will help you achieve your goals in the future. Aside from that, you may also look for the scholarships that are available to avoid spending a lot of money.


Below are some tips on how to look for a scholarships:

1. Partner Universities

If you are an undergraduate student, your university definitely has a wide connections with universities abroad that can serve as a stepping stone for you to join exchange programs. Upon application, you should inquire at your international affairs department of your university for information regarding scholarships. Most of the universities abroad offer scholarships because it is a way for them to attract international students and a way to establish a good relationship with their partner universities. The more exchange students that they can send, the more opportunities for the school to make more programs with their partner universities.


1x1.trans Studying in Japan Tips

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