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Little Miss Paintbrush x Japan Lover Me Store Sukajan Art

1x1.trans Little Miss Paintbrush x Japan Lover Me Store Sukajan Art

Little Miss Paintbrush x Japan Lover Me Store featuring our bestselling Japanese Sukajan Jackets!

JLM Sukajan Gallery:

Japan Lover Me Store:

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‎JapanLoverMeYōkai‬ ~Kitsune~


Our ‪#‎JapanLoverMeYōkai‬ for today is about one of our favorites (and also as you requested), the kitsune (fox).

1x1.trans ‎JapanLoverMeYōkai‬ ~Kitsune~

Ever witnessed rainfall on a sunny day?

Kitsune no yomeiri is when the kitsune marry their own kind (supposedly, they usually like to seduce and marry human beings). It is said that this happens so rarely that it calls forth something nearly as impossible: a “sunshower”, or rain from the sunny skies. This phenomenon is called Kitsune-ame, or “fox rain”.

It is also said that the kitsune summons a sunshower on its wedding day so that humans will not trespass the ceremony, because rain makes the mountains slippery and hard to climb, where, it is said, the wedding ceremony is usually held.

People usually view this as a good omen, because a rainbow, a sign of hope, usually appears right after a sunshower.

Illustration by: Little Miss Paintbrush

Stay tuned for more yōkai posts from us this month!
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1x1.trans ‎JapanLoverMeYōkai‬ ~Kitsune~

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