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Sensoji Temple at Asakusa

1x1.trans Sensoji Temple at Asakusa

Ahmad Ali from Kuwait (www.instagram.com/aeliasali) sent us these beautiful photos of Sensoji Temple at Asakusa (from different perspectives) taken last October 2014.

[About Sensoji Temple, Asakusa]
Sensoji (浅草寺, Sensōji, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) is a Buddhist temple located in Asakusa. It is one of Tokyo’s most colorful and popular temples.

The legend says that in the year 628, two brothers fished a statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, out of the Sumida River, and even though they put the statue back into the river, it always returned to them. Consequently, Sensoji was built nearby for the goddess of Kannon. The temple was completed in 645, making it Tokyo’s oldest temple.

source: www.japan-guide.com/e/e3001.html

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Asakusa Tokyo Photo Stroll

One of the many parts of Tokyo’s Metropolis is Asakusa, the center of Tokyo’s shitamachi (lower city) districts. Here, the traditional vibe of Tokyo’s history survives while still living within a contemporary lifestyle.

Its main tourist attraction is the Sensoji temple. The temple was built way back in the 7th century; which easily makes it one of Asakusa’s historical landmarks. The route going to Sensoji can be found down a local shopping street called Nakamise.

1x1.trans Asakusa Tokyo Photo Stroll

The local icon, the Asakusa Kaminarimon (photo above)  is a well-known gate and can be spotted easily because of the large lantern that hang in the doorways.

1x1.trans Asakusa Tokyo Photo Stroll

Nakamise street has been providing local and international visitors access to the temple, as well as offering them a wide variety of other activities. On this street you’ll be able to spot a variety of both traditional items, local snacks and a selection of tourist souvenirs. Along the street, there are also some retro and vintage toy stores that you can pick up interesting finds. If you’re a fan of older Japanese character icons, then these stores are a must-visit. You’ll be sure to find something unique there.

1x1.trans Asakusa Tokyo Photo Stroll


1x1.trans Asakusa Tokyo Photo Stroll