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Traditional Japanese Meal Set

1x1.trans Traditional Japanese Meal Set

A traditional Japanese meal is composed of a bowl of white rice, or ご飯(ごはん;gohan), and some dishes, or what we call as おかず(okazu)to accompany rice dishes, and a soup; commonly prepared are みそ汁(みそしる;misoshiru). The whole meal set is then called 定食(ていしょく;teishoku).

What is your favorite meal combination for your teishoku? Leave your comments below!

Report by: JLM contributor Marielle
Illustration/graphics by: Little Miss Paintbrush


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Sig’s Japan Report #9: Animal Cafes in Japan

★ Sig’s Japan Report #9: Animal Cafes in Japan ★

1x1.trans Sigs Japan Report #9: Animal Cafes in Japan

Animal cafes! I think that one of the most underrated are their animal cafes! In cafe’s like these, you can sit and interact with animals! It’s really fun! These are some of my recommendations!

[Owl cafe] This cafe called “Ikefukuro” is in Ikebukuro. With this cafe, you needed to make a reservation before hand, You can do this by sending them an email in either English or Japanese, and on Sundays they have an english staff member! A bonus is that all the Owls there are named after shingeki no kyojin characters! How kakkoii is that??!

[Pet bird cafe] Kitori which means little bird is a cafe that lets you play with small pet birds. They have an array of canaries, parakeets and cocktails.

[Bunny cafe] “Usagi no Ehon” was my first kawaii cafe here in Japan. (^ω^) It was you can just talk in and it was fairly cheap compared to other specialty cafes in Japan! It’s on the second floor of a building but you’ll know it because if you pass by stairs leading up with bunny themed stickers on the steps, you know you’re in the right place!

[Cat cafe] Now, there are a hundred cat cafe’s here in Japan but I would suggest this one because it’s easier to find than other places. Plus, if you’ve been to the owl cafe I mentioned, you’ll at least have an idea of the place!! The cats are super friendly and playful and you get to play with them!! (≧∇≦)

There are many more other weirder animal cafes here in Japan and I encourage you to explore but these are my top picks! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

All in all, animal cafes are such a wonderful experience and a fun way to relax. Do you have any animal cafes in your country? Or what sort of animal cafe would you want to go to?

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

‪#‎RyuugakuSig‬ is a series of posts by our JLM intern Sig. She will be sharing some of her discoveries / observations from the perspective of a first-timer here in Japan.

Sig is currently an exchange student in a university in Tokyo.

1x1.trans Sigs Japan Report #9: Animal Cafes in Japan
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