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10 Things To Do When in Hokkaido by Abbey


Because you asked for it, we shall keep posting our “10 things to do in Japan” series!

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Our destination for today is… Hokkaido

Japan Lover (letterer/blogger/creative friend) Abbey Sy (Le Rêveur) – www.artistic-dreams.com writes:

“Hokkaido is the northernmost province in Japan, and I was lucky enough to be able to visit last month! The place boasts of beautiful tourist spots, delicious food and lots of places to shop and see. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t miss when you visit Hokkaido.”

1x1.trans 10 Things To Do When in Hokkaido by Abbey

1. Try Otaru’s 7 layered ice cream.
Otaru, one of the notable cities to visit in Hokkaido, houses a unique rainbow ice cream with 7 layers. Cool, right? It has matcha, strawberry, chocolate, grape, lavender, vanilla and Yubari melon flavors in one cone! Rich and creamy, this dessert is definitely a must-try.

2. Visit Mt. Showa Bear Park
Mt. Showa Bear Park is an open spaced park where you could see the Ussuri brown bear, the largest land animal in Japan, which can be only found in Hokkaido. You can feed them apples or cookies and get a glimpse of these huge (but still cute) creatures.

3. Shopping at Tanukikoji
Tanukikoji is a shopping arcade in the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido’s capital, where you could find lots of food and clothing stores. Check out the game stations as well and don’t forget to take Purikura! 

4. Taste fresh seafood at Donburi Yokocho
Donburi Yokocho is found within Hakodate’s Morning Market, and is an alley of restaurants serving fresh seafood donburi. Do try their seafood fare as it is one of the freshest ones you can find in Hokkaido!

5. Use Onsen / public bath
Several hotels in Hokkaido have onsens/public bath and these are a must try in Hokkaido! Get soaked in hot bath amidst the cool climate of the area. Most onsens can be found near Noboribetsu.

6. Visit the Shitoi Koiribito Park
Shitoi Koiribito Park is a chocolate museum, factory and shop in Sapporo. They sell Ishiya chocolates, a homegrown brand. Inside you can find a lot of cute displays and treats you can take home.

7. Lake Toya
Lake Toya is a popular destination in Hokkaido with its spectacular and breathtaking view. There are a lot of souvenir shops and ice cream stands in the area as well, so better check those out too!

8. Music Box Museum 
Take a walk along the streets in Otaku and you’ll find a music box museum, which houses a lot of beautiful and intricately designed music boxes you can take home with you as souvenirs.

9. Usuzan Ropeway
Book a ticket to ride the Usuzan Ropeway, which is an aerial lift line that takes you to Mt. Usu’s summit. Mt. Usu is one of the many active volcanoes in Hokkaido, and once you reach the top, you can check out more historical facts about this volcano and get to see a spectacular view of Hokkaido as well.

10. Craft hoarding at Daiso
Of course, a visit to Japan would not be complete without shopping at Daiso, one of Japan’s most popular stores. The branch near Tanukikoji has over 5 floors and is divided into different areas which is a great place to shop for affordable Japanese goodies, craft materials and home decor.

1x1.trans 10 Things To Do When in Hokkaido by Abbey

1x1.trans 10 Things To Do When in Hokkaido by Abbey

  • byron w

    yo straight up mt showa bear park is an absolutely miserable depressing place that should not exist at all. the bears are kept in cruel, unnatural conditions. please do not recommend this place. it is not humane.