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The Tale of the Hunter and the Fisherman (Hoori and Hoderi)

むかしむかし, there lived a hunter and a fisherman, who were descendants of deities. Hoori was the happy hunter, and his older brother Hoderi was the competitive fisherman. They grew up as handsome and skillful young men, and both of them had their own talents.    1x1.trans The Tale of the Hunter and the Fisherman (Hoori and Hoderi)
1x1.trans The Tale of the Hunter and the Fisherman (Hoori and Hoderi) There was always a silent competition between the two of them, or at least for Hoderi, who was very competitive with his younger brother.

Their deity parents saw this and gave both of them equally magnificent and magical gifts to show that they did not have favoritism among their sons. They gave a magical hook to Hoderi, the fisherman, and they gave a magical bow to Hoori, the hunter.

Both of them excelled in their own field with their parents’ gifts. Hoderi the fisherman was not happy with this though, for he believed he could also excel as a hunter. Being overly competitive, he believed that he could also do whatever Hoori the hunter could.

One day, to prove that he can beat his brother in his own game, Hoderi decided that they should swap their gifts for a day. Hoori reluctantly obeyed his older brother and exchanged his bow for Hoderi’s hook. Then, they parted ways, Hoderi the fisherman headed to the woods to hunt, while Hoori the hunter headed to the sea to catch fish.

Both of them soon found out that they sucked at each other’s career. Hoderi couldn’t hunt a single game with Hoori’s bow. Hoori couldn’t catch a single fish with Hoderi’s hook, and he even lost the magical hook in the sea. He tried to find it, but he failed.

When they went to meet each other at the end of the day, Hoderi was enraged to know that his younger brother lost his magical hook. He went very violent and threatened to kill him if he didn’t find it.

Hoori the hunter, again, obeyed his older brother. He went back to the sea and dove deeper and deeper just to find it. Along the way, he encountered the beautiful Toyotama-hime, the princess of the sea. They instantly fell in love with each other. (*≧▽≦)

They married right away, and Toyotama-hime’s father, the king of the sea, granted his new son-in-law the gift of controlling the waves. He also ordered all the fish in the ocean to look for Hoori’s brother’s hook, which they found easily.

Upon retrieving the hook, Hoori bade a temporary farewell to his princess-wife, because he was going to return the hook to his brother. When Hoori reached land, Hoderi was waiting for him and was still very enraged. He was very angry because Hoori took so long to give his hook back, and because he was very jealous because his brother can now control the waves.

Hoderi charged at his brother, attempting to kill him because of his rage. Using his new powers, Hoori defensively commanded the waves to engulf Hoderi, and Hoderi soon found himself drowning in the middle of the sea.

Hoderi was too proud to ask for help, but Hoori couldn’t bear to watch his brother drown, so he commanded the waves to take Hoderi to shore.

Realizing his brother’s kind heart, and his own selfishness, Hoderi then asked for forgiveness and promised to never be overly competitive and envious ever again. (^_^)

~The End~


Hope you enjoyed today’s story!  Until next time, JapanLovers! 

1x1.trans The Tale of the Hunter and the Fisherman (Hoori and Hoderi)