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The Bakezōri (化け草履) or the “ghost-sandal”

1x1.trans The Bakezōri (化け草履) or the ghost sandal

Those strange footsteps you hear around your house at night might actually be today’s#JapanLoverMeYōkai : the Bakezōri (化け草履) or the “ghost-sandal”.

“APPEARANCE: Straw sandals, known as zōri, and other footwear that have been mistreated and forgotten by their owners can transform into a yokai called bakezōri.

BEHAVIOR: These sandal-shaped yokai sprout arms and legs, and a single, large eye in their centers. They run about the house at night, causing mischief and making noise. Bakezōri have a favorite chant, which they sing as they run about the house on their tiny feet:

Kararin! Kororin! Kankororin! Managu mittsu ni ha ninmai!
Kararin! Kororin! Kankororin! Eyes three and teeth two!

“Eyes three” refers to the three holes where the sandal straps are attached and “teeth two” refers to the two wooden platforms which are attached to the understand of Japanese sandals.”

Illustration by: Little Miss Paintbrush

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1x1.trans The Bakezōri (化け草履) or the ghost sandal