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10 Things To Do When in Chiba

1x1.trans 10 Things To Do When in Chiba


Chiba Prefecture is one of the most must-visit places in Japan (according to us! haha),

and here are 10 reasons why!

JapanLover Yuna from Sydney, Australia helped us list 10 things you can do when you’re in Chiba:


  1. Visit Tokyo Disneyland! ☆
  2. Visit Tokyo Disney Sea! ☆
  3. Visit Funabashi and buy Funassyi goods! Funassyi is the unofficial mascot of Funabashi. It is basically a pear who likes heavy metal and peaches. (゜▼゜*)
  4. Do nashi (Asian pear) picking! Aside from peanuts, Chiba is famous for its pears.
  5. Take a dip at Kotehashi Onsui Pool  It is known for its clean and warm water! It has multiple pools~
  6. Go to Chiba Marine Stadium and watch Japanese baseball
  7. Collect Chi-ba kun goods! Chi-ba kun is the mascot of Chiba, it is shaped like Chiba on the map!
  8. Shop at Lalaport!
  9. Dine at Aiba Masaki’s (of ARASHI) parents’ restaurant! They have cute memorabilia of him as a kid on display, and even a message book where you can directly dedicate a note for Aiba
  10. Visit the Noda Soy Sauce factory (makes of Kikkoman soy sauce) ~ Take an educational tour

1x1.trans 10 Things To Do When in Chiba

Hope you enjoyed our tour! (^ω^)

1x1.trans 10 Things To Do When in Chiba