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Cool Japan Travel Guide

Ultimately, what people all over the world find most interesting about Japan is its rich culture and its traditions that they have kept alive for centuries. The most identifiable icons of Japan are still those that originate from their lush history, namely geishas, samurai and ninjas.  1x1.trans Cool Japan Travel Guide

No one can say that they have been to Japan without going to its notable landmarks, trying its famous dishes and making a wish at a shrine!

And with so many places to visit, JapanLover.Me makes it easier for you to have the best Japan Experience with our Cool Japan Travel Guide!

Places in Tokyo

Places in Omiya

Places in Kyoto

  • Memoirs of Kyoto (Part I &  Part II) by Justin De Jesus
  • Kyoto Station
  • Kyoto Imperial Palace
  • Ginkakuji
  • Heian Jingu
  • Gion
  • Kiyomizu
  • Nijo Castle
  • Kitano Tenmangu
  • Kinkakuji
  • Ryoanji
  • Arashiyama
  • Sanjusangendo

Other Cool Places

Theme Cafes / Museum / Parks

Cool Souvenir Shops / Stores

  • Village Vanguard
  • LoFT
  • Don Quijote
  • Narita Airport