Top Japan Culture / Travel / Food Photos On Instagram (July 2017)

Hi JapanLovers!

Here’s a round-up of our chosen instagram posts based on the posts by fellow Japan Lovers who used the hashtag #JapanLoverMe.

Feel free to use our official hashtag so we can discover more of your photos!

Rare photo captured by @theinomatas

Kabukicho by

Kawaii dessert photo by @sylviageatery

Pink ajisai photo by @cokefreaaak

One hot summer day by @verymerii

Kimono date by @dchophoto

Ajisai pathway by @cokefreaaak

Shot at Shinjuku Kokubuji Temple by @_nikoniko_0819

Every nook and cranny by @travelwithnanob

Oishii dango sweets by  @louloumalibu_photography

Matsuri time by @akamisokatsu

Cafe & Pancake Gram’s premium pancakes by @applemaryannegold

Featured image collage photos by @juliexjapan & @moulds0904


How about you? Any Japan food / travel / discovery favorites that you want to recommend as well? Feel free to comment below! :)

Watch out for our next Monthly favorites! Simply use the hashtag #JapanLoverMe whenever you post your Japan travel photos so we can find you!


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